Latest seamless jointed linear lighting solution – C70 LED linear light

A continual line lighting solution to nowadays commercial & industrial true line lighting for long distance.

When you go to a shopping mall, supermarket, super store, a big warehouse or a big office even a long corridor, you find many lighting solutions for these places, include the surface mount ceiling lamp, T5/T8 tubes and old troffers, strips and downlight etc. However, these solution can not be long enough and bring not enough flood lighting or spot lighting for the spaces.


The lighting designer and R&D team of CL LIGHTING design and test a brand new linear light to fulfill the lighting demands, integrate the advantage of spot lighting and flood lighting on one light – C70 LED Linear light. Adopt special design optical lens to provide different beam angle combinations according to the space lighting demands.



In order to provide enough lighting effects, the C70 LED linear light come with following features to match different applications:

1) 3 length available: 1M 30W and 1.2M 40W and 1.5M 50W.

2) High efficiency: (130lm/[email protected] and 110lm/[email protected]) @4000K

3) CRI>80 or CRI>90

4) Various beam angle: 20° / 30° / 60° / 90° and different facula provide more possibility for commercial & industrial applications.

5) Compatible with most dimming solutions in the market include DALI dimmable, 0-10V dimmable, Triac-dimmable.


This C70 LED linear light embedded with professional wiring connectors inside to ensure it can be seamless joint to super long length in one continual line. Come with a back cover to ensure the lamp dust proof.


Unique design hanging hook and butt joint part make sure the connection fully seamless and dust proof.




Application: the C70 LED linear light could be widely used in warehouse, super store, office, lobby, corridor etc.


The C70 LED linear light will be shown together with the latest Linear type LED track light during the 2019 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Spring Edition). Don’t forget to stand by our booth 1C-C20 . We will show you more possibilities of commercial lighting and decorative lighting solutions.


By Lauris Wu

BDM & Light consultant


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