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Our Waterproof IP65 LED Flex Strips are perfect for lighting professionals as well as home owners with a do-it-yourself attitude. They are easy to use, making it possible to install yourself even with minimal knowledge on the electrical side. The strips can be quickly cut down to size and come with double-sided 3M adhesive tape, adding to the ease of installation. They must be powered from constant 12VDC. If you prefer LED strips without a silicone covering, the non-waterpoof option can be found here.


LED Density is measured per meter. The more LEDs per length increases the light quality and brightness. Please see the table on the right for more details.

Standard-density LED strip = 30 LEDs per Meter

High-density LED Strip = 60 LEDs per Meter


We offer these LED strips in RGB, single colors, Ultra-Violet (UV) and whites: Warm-White (3000K), Neutral-White (4000K), and Cool-White (6000K)


To avoid buying more than necessary we offer these LED light strips in 3-foot increments up to 16.4 feet long (1 full reel = 5M). However, we realize that all applications have different needs which is why the strips can be cut every 3 LEDs. There is a thin black line over solder pads, which marks where you are to cut the strips.

End-to-End Connections


When there is a break in your application you can still run one strip to another using 20-24 gauge wire or LED strip connectors. TAKE NOTE: Standard Density maximum run length is 32.8 feet (2 reels) and High Density maximum run length is 16.4 feet (1 reel). After the maximum run length the voltage drop becomes too great and you will lose light and efficiency from your system. If your application needs more than the maximum run length you will have to get another power supply or run wire from the extra strip directly back to the first power supply (wiring in parallel).

Connections can be made by soldering wire in between strips or by using solderless clamps (see right). Only one end of the strips come with wires on it so if you want to make more connections you will need to solder or use strip connectors. Here is a good tutorial on wiring the strips together if you’d like more information.


The LED strip lights use 5050 SMD LEDs which give off a nice light while staying cool along the flexible board. Standard density LED strips give off 180 Lumens/Ft whereas the High Density strips give off 360 Lumens/Ft.

Standard Density Common Uses: accent lighting, back-lighting, stair lighting, shelf lighting, toe kick lighting.

High Density Common Uses: task lighting, under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, area lighting, sign lighting


A 12-volt DC Power Supply is required to run these LED Strip lights. There is a wattage table within the FAQs tab above. This will help you decide the wattage of your project and what size Power Supply will suffice.

Connecting to power can easily be done with simple wire-to-wire techniques such as soldering, wire nuts, electrical tape, etc. If you have a plug-in adapter with a barrel plug on the end, these screw-in terminal power plugs help turn the wire leads into a simple plug in connection.


These strips are dimmable and can be used with our 12V PWM Dimmers. The dimmer will go between your power-supply and strips (see picture). The available dimmers can be seen above by clicking on the accessories tab above. We have a variety of PWM dimmers ranging from single channel remote, to multi-channel remote and wall mount PWM dimmers.

If you require an AC Dimming Control from Lutron or Leviton, use a dimmable power supply.

Controlling RGB Strips

The RGB strips use Red, Green & Blue LEDs to mix colors and show a variety of different colors. In order to use these you will need an RGB controller. The controller box goes in between your power supply and strips and then you can control your strips with the remote. You can pick different colors or an option that lets you alternate through them.


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